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About Us

In addition to being a lawyer, Chris Shulman is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator.  It is a privilege for him to help divorcing spouses retain control of the decision-making process by guiding them through mediation.  He is a professional neutral with almost 20 years’ experience.  Between service as a mediator, arbitrator, hearing officer, and federal-sector EEO complaint adjudicator, Chris has resolved or, in the case of mediation, helped the parties resolve more than 4,200 matters.  Chris may occasionally use humor to lighten tension, but he never takes lightly the importance each case holds for the people in the dispute.

With over 25 year in business, Brenda Evans’ experience includes corporate award-winning recognition for repeated successful change management – helping successfully lead people through difficult transitions.  As a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, she now leverages her award-winning skills to help our clients navigate the divorce process.  With insightful questioning, she helps couples verbalize their intentions, thus creating appropriately detailed terms for their Marital Settlement Agreement and Parenting Plan – ensuring the documents will serve as useful future references.  This attention to detail provides clients a sense of security, allowing them to focus on all the other details of transitioning to their separate (yet, if co-parenting, parallel) lives.

As a mediation team, our goal in the divorce mediation process is to give you and your spouse a one-stop experience, providing a forum for guided negotiations, enhanced communications, and clarification as you transition through the process – making decisions together in a way that will meet your individual family needs, now and in the future.

Our Services

Divorce Mediation:  Mediation is an informal and confidential process of assisted problem-solving and negotiation.  The mediation model that we use at TampaFriendlyDivorce.com was designed to make the transition of divorce easier and less expensive.  The goal of our process is to help you reach a customized Marital Settlement Agreement, which describes how you have agreed to handle your money and divide your assets and debts; a Parenting Plan, which describes how you will co-parent your children; and the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet – the main divorce documents most likely to benefit from mediation.

To obtain a divorce, there are additional steps you will have to take, even after you reach an agreeable MSA.  These include filing several documents with the appropriate state court, paying that court a filing fee to do so, and (at least one of you) attending a five-minute court hearing.  (Depending on your specific family situation, there may be additional costs you may incur.)

Finally, while most of our clients are married and seeking a divorce, we also work with (a) unmarried couples who share a child or children and need to create a Parenting Plan (time-sharing, parental responsibility, and child support); and (b) divorced couples who want to modify their original divorce agreement.

Document and Form Preparation: In addition to helping you reach an agreement through divorce mediation, TampaFriendlyDivorce.com, offers divorce document preparation services. We are available to fill out the other standard forms necessary for you to obtain an uncontested divorce (in addition to the three listed in our Mediation Service above) – eliminating any additional stress created by trying to figure out how to understand and complete these forms properly.  While you are responsible for the court filing fee, we even offer an option to file the papers with the court for you, although we do not and cannot represent you or show up in court on your behalf. Either way, if you want us to prepare the standard documents necessary to obtain an uncontested divorce decree, we are available to assist you with that paperwork – so that once it is all signed and filed, you should be able to end up in front of the judge and get the divorce!

While many couples go through this process without attorneys (to save money, among other things), some couples (or individual spouses) will use attorneys and financial experts as consultants.  In fact, we will encourage both of you to consult with an attorney to review the MSA before signing.  Either way, once the MSA is signed, if you want us to prepare the documents necessary to obtain an uncontested divorce decree, we are available to assist you with that paperwork, so you end up in front of the judge and get the divorce.

Our Pricing and Fees 

  • Free initial 15-minute meeting via phone to discuss your needs, our process, and pricing
  • No additional charge for evening or weekend appointments
  • Please see TampaFriendlyDivorce.com for current pricing and package options, as well as a listing of other costs to expect when getting a divorce, some required and some optional.  Additionally, we recognize each family is unique, and therefore, so are their needs.  We can customize our services to meet any Family Mediation needs.  Please let us know what you need.


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