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David Schnitzer, JDI was a trial lawyer for the last 20 years, and have handled many cases involving diverse and complex subject matter since embarking on my legal career in 1997.  The last several years of my practice were devoted almost exclusively to marital and family law, with most of those cases involving divorce.  While I enjoyed this work immensely and was privileged to help many individuals with their transition to a new phase of life, I became disillusioned with a world that revolved around the billable hour, even though this is the standard arrangement when retaining a family law attorney.  I also grew to dread seeing the venomous behavior that traditional, attorney-driven adversarial divorces would often bring out in the best of people, despite the skill, experience and best intentions of the lawyers.  I longed for a different option for my clients that would provide a healthier and more affordable solution.

Then one day I had an epiphany, and decided to permanently hang up my practicing lawyer hat and use my experience as a trial and divorce attorney to help people through this process in a different, healthier and more balanced manner.  I founded Healthy Family Mediation Center with this goal in mind, and have dedicated the rest of my career to educating individuals on the benefits of pre-suit mediation as opposed to traditional divorce and family litigation, and facilitating the opportunity for divorcing couples to work together to face the challenges of divorce in a responsible manner before a single document is ever filed in court.  I am also committed to helping couples avoid the uncontrollable expenses and emotional wounds that so often result with the traditional adversarial model for divorce and family litigation.

In establishing Healthy Family Mediation Center, I have made it my mission to provide a path that allows individuals to take control of their own destiny and achieve a certain outcome in a timely manner, rather than rolling the dice and tossing such decisions into the hands of a judge who is a stranger to the family and who rules based on a mere snapshot of the circumstances.  A path that allows parties to hammer out their differences with complete confidentiality, rather than fighting their battles in the courts in plain view of the public, creating a permanent record along the way for anybody to see.

A path that is convenient, permitting the parties to resolve their divorce, paternity or other family law matter on their own schedules in a comfortable, casual and informal setting, without being told by the court or their lawyers when and where to be, and without facing the negative energy and stress that is palpable in the formal setting of a courtroom.  Finally, I offer these things in an affordable flat-fee package, so that individuals can maintain control over the costs of the process and feel confident that they will not be billed for every single telephone call, email or revision to a document in the unpredictable manner that typically goes with the territory in the traditional hourly billing model.

Please contact Healthy Family Mediation Center to schedule your free 30-minute initial consultation, during which I will explain the mediation process and answer any questions you may have about pre-suit mediation.  I sincerely believe that pre-suit mediation is the best and most cost-effective way to help families avoid the significant financial and emotional damage that is typically present in divorce and other family law matters, and am excited that you have taken the first step to a healthy and balanced solution.