Books for Children up to Age 7

Abney, Joseph. Anaiya Lives with Daddy; Anaiya Visits Mommy. 2009

Bienenfeld, Florence. My Mom and Dad Are Getting A Divorce. 2002

Boegehold, Betty. Daddy Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. 1985

Brown, Laurene & Marc. Dinosaurs Divorce: A Guide For Changing Families. 1986

Christiansen, CB. My Mother’s House, My Father’s House. 1990

Girard, Linda. At Daddy’s On Saturdays. 1991

Herman, Steve.  Two Homes Filled with Love:  A Story About Divorce and Separation.  (My Dragon Books)  2020

Johnson, Janet (and others). Through The Eyes of Children: Healing Stories for Children of Divorce. 1997

Klutts, Shanna. Daddy Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. 2010

Lansky, Vicki. It’s Not Your Fault Koko Bear: A Read-Together Book for Parents and Young Children During Divorce. 1998

Levins, Sandra. Was It The Chocolate Pudding? A Story For Little Kids About Divorce. 2005

Lovato, Madison.  Why Can’t We Live Together?:  The Kid-Sized Answer To A King-Sized Question About Divorce.  2018

Masurel, Claire. Two Homes. 2003

Menendez-Aponte, Emily. When Mom and Dad Divorce: An Elf Help Book For Kids. 1999

Monroe, Robin. Why Don’t We Live Together Anymore?Understanding Divorce. 1998 (Christian)

Padoan, Gianni. Break-Up: Facing Up To Divorce. 1990

Perry & Lynch. Mommy And Daddy Are Getting Divorced. 1985

Roberts, Jillian.  Why Do Families Change?:  Our First Talk About Separation and Divorce.  2020

Schmitz, Tamara. Standing On My Own Two Feet: A Child’s Affirmation of Love In The Midst of Divorce. 2008

Seuling, Barbara. What Kind of Family Is This? A Book About Stepfamilies? 1985 (Illustrated)

Simon, Norma. All Families Are Special. 2003

Simpo, Ashley.  A Kids Book About Divorce.  2020

Thomas, Pat. My Family’s Changing: A First Look At Family Break-Up. 1999

Vigna, Judith. I Live With Daddy. 1997

Weninger, Brigitte. Good-Bye Daddy! 1997