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Our Clients

Generally, our clients are drawn to the idea of A Friendly Divorce because of their desire to avoid the destructive aspects of an attorney-driven divorce. These couples are committed to moving through the process of divorce without retaining divorce attorneys because they want to avoid the chaos associated with that process. Typically, couples come to us before any divorce paperwork has been filed with the court.

Our clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds. While almost all of our clients are married and seeking a divorce, we also work with (a) unmarried couples who share a child or children and need to create a parenting (time-sharing, parental responsibility, and child support) plan; (b) married couples who are not ready to divorce, but need a plan to guide them during a transition period and through a possible divorce; (c) divorced couples who want to modify their original divorce agreement; and (d) couples who want to negotiate a pre-marital plan or a marriage pact for handling finances, in-laws, and other arrangements.

Many of our clients are middle income people, unable or too overstretched to invest in two retainers and the legal discovery process that is part of an attorney-driven divorce. However, we also see people who have amassed substantial wealth and don’t want to divide it three ways – yours, mine, and the lawyers’.

Our Professional Providers

We are a network of professionals that provide divorce mediation and document preparation.  Each member of our network is a Family Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, independently providing divorce mediation and document preparation services.  As divorce experts we bring knowledge and understanding of both the legal and the psychological/emotional issues of divorce.  Our goal is to give you a one-stop experience, compassion, and clarification as you transition through the divorce process.

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Brooke Goldfarb, JD – Melbourne

David Spofford, JD – Gainesville / Jacksonville / Ocala / Saint Augustine

Deborah Beylus, CDFA – Boca Raton / Fort Lauderdale

Denise Tamir, JD – North Miami

Elinor Robin, PhD – Gainesville / Boca Raton / Jacksonville / Ocala / Saint Augustine

Keith Grossman, JD – Fort Myers

Tricia Fradley, JD – Bradenton