Training for Professionals

Friendly Divorce Mediation Training: Make Money, Make A Difference. This is a training program for mediators, attorneys, and other professionals that want to learn more about our process and launch their own mediation practices. We know that the family law arena is ripe for a revolution. The public is eager to move away from the traditional/attorney-driven model of divorce and towards a more humane and family-friendly approach. The new economy is accelerating the shift. Professional mediators are strategically placed to ride the wave of this emerging trend. But, often the road to private practice is laden with obstacles. This training program is designed to give you powerful and proven practice building strategies and methods so that you can create your own ProSe/PreSuit divorce mediation practice and succeed.  Currently, the live training is only offered to professionals that are a part of our network.  However, the training is available in streaming video format from –  To learn more visit, or contact us directly.