Do I need an attorney to get a divorce?

The majority of our clients do not use attorneys during the divorce process.

We are all aware of the negative consequences of a traditional attorney-driven divorce. However, the traditional attorney-driven divorce model is still the right model for some families. An attorney is necessary when one spouse needs legal protection. So, for example, if one spouse does not know what the marital assets are or how much the other spouse earns, s/he may want an attorney to investigate all of these details before agreeing to any financial arrangements. Additionally, if one spouse feels intimidated as the result of domestic violence or other coercion, negotiating without a lawyer is not a good idea.

At A Friendly Divorce, we cannot offer legal advice, protect either spouse’s legal rights or investigate in order to find hidden assets. If that is what you need you should seek guidance from an experienced attorney. On the other hand, if that is not what you need, you can use our service and supplement the process (if you choose to) by consulting with an attorney or CPA before or during the mediation process so that you can obtain a legal opinion as to your worst and best case scenarios.

We encourage all of our clients to consult with independent legal counsel and an independent CPA prior to signing any documents. Additionally, as you go through the mediation process you may find it helpful to read Chapter 61 of the Florida Statutes and/or consult with other experts such as a Forensic CPA, Tax Attorney, Business Appraiser/Valuator, Real Estate Appraiser, Real Estate Attorney, Antique and Collectible Appraiser, Financial Planner, Child Development Specialist, and/or a Psychologist or other mental health professional.