What is mediation?

Mediation is a process for assisted negotiation, problem solving and negotiation.  Typically, the mediation model we use at A Friendly Divorce does not include attorney participation. However, you may stop the process at any time if you wish to consult with or retain an attorney.

Typically, divorce mediation at A Friendly Divorce takes between two and seven hours, depending on the issues and the personalities involved. We mediate some divorces in a single session. And, sometimes the process occurs over time, with a series of face-to-face and telephone sessions.

The desired outcome of the mediation process is a complete Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) which reflects a couple’s future plans for their children and their finances. Following each mediation session our clients receive a draft of their customized agreement. Ultimately, when the Marital Settlement Agreement is complete the mediator reads it with the clients, it is signed and notarized.

In general, mediation is often faster, cheaper, simpler, and more private then other options. Additionally mediation offers participants an opportunity to process their anger, address future events, and create customized resolutions that meets their individual needs.