Don’t Rule Out Mediators

July 18, 2016 9:42 am Published by Comments Off on Don’t Rule Out Mediators

Our own Elinor Robin is quoted in Prevention Magazine’s newest divorce article – 11 Things Divorce Lawyers Say You Should Never Do.

Take a look at number 11 – Don’t Rule Out Mediators.  The author, Judy Koutsky, says

  1. Don’t expect to come away with a windfall.
  2. Don’t try to hide money
  3. Don’t keep adding money to a joint account.
  4. Don’t do things out of spite.
  5. Don’t compare divorces.
  6. Don’t expect to share the pet.
  7. Don’t surprise your spouse by serving him in public.  (In fact, when couples use the A Friendly Divorce process no service is involved.)
  8. Don’t fight over things you don’t care about.
  9. Don’t make the kids pawns.
  10. Don’t wait for your big day in court. And,
  11. Don’t rule out mediators.

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