Plan Ahead

July 4, 2015 1:17 pm Published by Comments Off on Plan Ahead

If there is a divorce in your future you better be planning ahead. And, plan as if your spouse is planning ahead too. According to St Augustine based Divorce Attorney Ryan Albaugh, many people start planning for divorce months, if not years, before their spouse learns that divorce is on the horizon. Ryan finds that many clients want to put him on an advance retainer so that they can have someone to call with strategic questions. The questions he commonly gets are in regard to 1) how the length of the marriage will affect alimony, 2) how changes in employment will affect alimony and child support, 3) how time sharing with the children will likely play out, 4) how large asset sales should be handled, 5) the best way to deal with acquiring additional debt with a soon to be ex-spouse; and 6) how to protect an imminent inheritance from a soon to be ex-spouse.

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