Divorce: Sometimes The Timing is Everything

June 30, 2020 10:10 pm Published by Comments Off on Divorce: Sometimes The Timing is Everything

What are reasons to hold off on getting a divorce?

If one spouse if getting health insurance from the other spouse’s employer.  Leaving a spouse without group health insurance can turn into a health disaster.   

Older people, who have spent a lifetime together, and are past wanting to remarry, can often avoid a lot of hassle by staying married.  But, only if they are on good terms.  In these cases it is important to have good estate planning, including naming a health care surrogate.

The bottom line – if a couple is not going to be together, but for what ever reason they do not want to get divorced, they should sit down with a mediator and write an agreement that will guide their future interactions.

Can more people work out marital problems than try? Are we too quick to file divorce and move on?

Some couples are too quick to file for divorce and some wait way too long.  Once one spouse has emotionally detached it’s difficult to get them to re-attach.  I believe if a female partner wants the relationship to work it may still be salvageable.  But, if she (or shes in some cases) has emotionally moved on attempting to put things back together is usually useless.   

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