Who is playing in your divorce?

January 27, 2018 10:08 am Published by Comments Off on Who is playing in your divorce?

There are 5 key players in every divorce. (1) You. Three factors – who you are, what you want out of the divorce, and how eager you are to save or end your marriage – will impact how you show up and influence the divorce outcome. (2) Your spouse. The same three factors – Who s/he is, what s/he wants out of the divorce, and how eager s/he is to save or end the marriage – will influence the divorce outcome.  There are things you can do to encourage your spouse to do the right thing and make the divorce less painful for you both.  (3) Your attorney. His or her personality, motivations, experience, and how well s/he can work with your spouse’s attorney. You hired this attorney and s/he should be representing your best interests.  (4) Your spouse’s attorney.  You have NO control over this person at all and at times it may seem that s/he lives just to make you miserable. (5) The Judge. Again, you have no control here.  And, you probably want to limit the amount of control any Judge will have on your daily interactions and finances unless you feel you need protection.  Using A Friendly Divorce can help you significantly reduce the impact (4) and (5) will have on your life.

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