Melbourne Divorce Mediator

About Brooke Goldfarb and Peaceful Beach Mediation

A 1996 graduate of Harvard Law School, Brooke has practiced in multiple areas of the law. She created Peaceful Beach in 2008 in order to guide couples and families through the divorce process in a more dignified manner; create more opportunities for individuals and families to resolve conflict without litigation; and help people in general move forward in positive, productive, and healthy ways.

Brooke is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator & Circuit Civil Mediator; Qualified Arbitrator & Parenting Coordinator; Divorce Facilitator & Guardian Ad Litem/Child Advocate. Ms. Goldfarb is also a trained in Elder Care Mediation & Shared Family Decision Making.

Brooke has also taught for several semesters serving as Prelaw Mentor & Adjunct Professor in the Florida Tech School of Arts and Communication where she serves on the Prelaw Advisory Board and Continuing Education Advisory Board. She volunteers for the Brevard County Guardian Ad Litem Program, Justice Teaching Program, and as a mediator and fee arbitrator for the Florida Bar Grievance Committee.

Brooke facilitates communication and understanding between married and non-married parents, adult siblings and other caretakers of the elderly; employers and employees, landlords and tenants, buyers and sellers, neighbors and neighborhoods and other community interests.

At Peaceful Beach, Brooke:

1. Empowers divorcing couples to do so with dignity and privacy, focus on the positive and the future, limit psychological and financial damage, heal from the grief of divorce, and get on with life;

2. Assists married and non-married parents communicate and effectively share the parenting responsibility of their minor children or dependent adult children;

3. Facilitates communication among adult siblings and other family members and caretakers to resolve issues regarding elderly or deceased parents.

4. Outside the family, Brooke mediates and arbitrates for individuals and small businesses for various civil agreements.

5. Concerns herself with the humanization of the legal system, the evolution of and increased efficiencies in court processes, and the wellbeing of lawyers and their clients; and

6. Endeavors that all parties are heard, feel respected, and resolve their differences outside of costly and dehumanizing litigation.

Brooke also serves on the boards of Brevard Bar Foundation, Brevard Family Partnership, Henegar Center for the Arts and the Women’s Center South Brevard Guild. She is a member of many support groups that promote strong, healthy, and safe families and communities.

She offers a free initial 30 minute meeting to discuss process and pricing with potential clients and accepts most major credit cards.